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Dark Lights is a ten minute horror short film by 4x Emmy® winning film director Deborah Richards and Emmy® nominated producer  Patrick Wirtz.

DARK LIGHTS - The Short, 4k Festival Screener, Run Time: 10 mins, Password required, available upon request.

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RATED MATURE - Content is generally suitable for persons ages 17 and up.

• Contains partial nudity.

• Contains drug use.
• Contains strong language.
• Contains violence.

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GALLERY - Behind the Scenes 

Dark Lights the short was shot with a skeleton crew and included 74 visual effect shots. Here are some of our favorite behind the scene production pictures. Click on them to read the descriptions.

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About Us

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Deborah Richards
Writer / Director / Editor

Deborah Richards is a four time Regional Emmy® award-winning writer/director/editor and VFX artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. 

While in film school, she opened up her own boutique production studio and soundstage, 1905 Film Studios, playing host to many TV and video productions, including shows from the History Channel and videos by Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg.


Deborah is currently focused on freelance directing, editing and VFX services for diverse international brands such as TruFusion, EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), WalMart, and the History Channel.

Her personal website can be found at www.DEBBIINPINK.com

Patrick Wirtz

Patrick Wirtz produced and co-produced 14 short films and that have won 3 Pacific Southwest Emmys®.

He was nominated for Best Director Non-Live Action Emmy® for the feature documentary No Greater Odds, screened at the U.S. Library of Congress to legislators to support public education funding. 

He produced Deborah Richard's award-winning short Send Hollywood Our Love and has worked on Las Vegas-filmed feature film and television productions.



DARK LIGHTS THE SHORT is a proof of concept noir based on Joy, the main character from the feature screenplay in development by the same name. It is a stand alone story that reflects the tone and feel of the larger project.

With a run-time of 10 minutes and a shoestring budget this project showcases the producing skills of Emmy® nominated producer  Patrick Wirtz and the guerrilla filmmaking chops of 4x Emmy® winning film director Deborah Richards.

Shot on location in Las Vegas over three nights, this proof of concept short  brings to life the visual storytelling style of the creative team.


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Dark Lights is about a young sexy vampire named Joy who is addicted to heroin to help her cope with the guilt and shame of killing people daily. She lives in a penthouse suite at the top of a Las Vegas resort, hiding from her vampire maker, Azriel, who wants to bring her back into his murderous lifestyle.


Through a chance encounter, Joy develops a bizarre relationship with Douglas, an aging alcoholic homeless man who lives in the storm drains beneath the city. 


Consumed with guilt, her relationship with Douglas takes a dark turn as we discover that her first victims were his parents 50 years ago when he was just 9 years old. 


As Douglas gradually discovers the secret behind Joy's protective sympathy for him, Azriel uses Douglas to bring Joy back into his possession.


Caught between retribution and redemption the story deals with themes of duality, identity, and addiction. People treat Joy like a model when she's really a monster while people treat Douglas like a monster but he's just a man who has lost his way.

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